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Nice to meet you! My name is Edmond, an aspiring Full-Stack Web Developer. On December 2018, I fell in love with the capabilities of web development after creating my first few projects. I was hooked ever since, from constantly learning new things everyday and applying it by building websites and applications for the real world is an exhilarating experience.

Currently my primary goal is to build a strong front-end foundation with JavaScript and React. Then further on as I build upon my experiences, I want to achieve full-stack from learning more about back-end skills like NodeJS, Express, and Python.

Other than web development, I have passions for cooking, health & fitness, gaming, anime, learning about the latest tech, dabbling in mobile app & game development, financial investments, traveling, and of course 🐶 doggos.

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E-commerce web application made with React, Redux, Stripe, Firebase, ContextAPI, and React Hooks. Consists of routes to different clothing categories, add/delete cart function, checkout with Stripe payment, sign-in/sign-out users, and a register user feature.

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Face Recognition App

Full-Stack web application built using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and React, for the front-end with the Clarifai API to detect faces from the user's image URL inputs which then calls to the back-end API created with Node.js, Express.js, and PostgreSQL database to record user entries and log user accounts.

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Apex Legends Stats Tracker

Full-Stack web application built using VueJS and Express utilizing the Tracker Network API from tracker.gg to track and display player stats from their respective platforms.

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Mock Apple Website

Mock Apple Website design and code practice utilizing Bootstrap Studio as the framework for this project. Mock website was created with nav, grid, column, and image components for a responsive design.

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React Real-Estate App

Real Estate Application made with React. MVP functionality with sorted filters for the real-estate listing data, different view functionality for listings with grid system, and page pagination.

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GatsbyJS Blog

Functioning blog website developed with GatsbyJS and React for the UI and front-end. As part of GatsbyJS, GraphQL was used to fetch markdown files, blog posts, APIs, and plugins used for the blog website.

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I'm currently available for new opportunities.

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